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  1. Gujar says:
    Jul 25,  · Dusti Demarest The Olympian An investigation into allegations that a white Olympia corrections officer made offensive comments to a Black woman while arresting her found the allegations were Author: Sara Gentzler.
  2. Voodoozragore says:
    Jul 26,  · Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar has dismissed the criticism of the proposed Environment Impact Assessment Notification, , by Jairam Ramesh, former Environment Minister and.
  3. Gardanris says:
    Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera, who runs the government auditing and accountability agency, said after a review of the lists and data, those claims were unfounded.
  4. Tozuru says:
    Aug 05,  · British English: unfounded ADJECTIVE If you describe a rumour, belief, or feeling as unfounded, you mean that it is wrong and is not based on facts or evidence. Unfounded rumors of accounting problems hit stocks of other companies.
  5. Dashura says:
    Lombardi added that the rumors are “unfounded,” and that right now, the PIAA is looking ahead to what needs to be done to make sure fall sports can start.
  6. Mezihn says:
    Whether you are a practitioner, manufacturer, or seller of essential oils, if you make an unfounded medical claim, you may be at risk of prosecution – or you may have your post on a social media platform taken down.
  7. Kigamuro says:
    Aug 01,  · Attacks On Signal Founder C.E. James Unfair, Unfounded, Great-Grandson Declares “Are We Really Going To Write Him Out Of History Because Of A Few Clauses In Some Year-Old Deeds?”.
  8. Zutilar says:
    2 days ago · HENDRICKS COUNTY— Two Hendricks County school administrators are now responding to criminal charges filed Friday by prosecutors, calling the charges “unfounded.” Stacey Begle, dean of.
  9. Milrajas says:
    Jul 25,  · New Delhi: The response to a call for donating convalescent plasma for COVID patients in Delhi has been "lukewarm", doctors said on Friday and attributed it to unfounded apprehensions about associated health risks and the tendency to put off donation for any future need of family members. Just about people have donated plasma in Delhi since the .

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